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The Founder and Head Coach
William Wang

William Wang has been a professional badminton coach for over 30 years. He originated from a professional badminton player for his provincial team of Sichuan province in China, then became the coach and the head coach for the team. As a professional coach, William Wang possess an extensive international coaching experience. he had served as the head coach of Sichuan provincial team in China, the coach of Chinese national junior team, the coach of Thai national team and the guest coach of Swedish national team.

Among the numerous players he worked with and helped, many of them won international titles such as: World Cup champions, European champions, World Championships bronze, Olympic silver and semifinallist, and many of World Grand Prix titles, not to mention those of national, provincial and local tournaments...

In 2002 William Wang founded the International Badminton Club (IBC) in Toronto after a year he started residing in anada. With both his coaching experience in Asia and Europe, and his candid attitude, humble personality, infectious enthusiasm, William Wang brings his badminton expertise, unique coaching techniques and global connections into the promotion of badminton sport in Canada.

As always, William Wang puts his best to inspire, demonstrate and guide all his players/students to reach their best. During these years in Canada, his training classes, private lessons has been all time populated. A lot of his students achieved their goles of school team, University team, provincial team, some of them are ranking/ranked top provincial and national in Canada while some plays/played abroad as international competitors. And some of them became coach for some clubs...

William Wang believes badminton is becoming more popular and important in local communities followed by the changes in Canadian demographic map led by multiculturalism in Canada. He believes he is making a difference through his teaching and promoting badminton sport to boost a healthier life style, a stronger physical and mental fitness, a more open attitude in connection to our communities and a stronger sense of achievement in life for our young and old individuals.

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William Wang Photos
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As the coach for Swedish national team

More photos in Sweden with local clubs and camps

As the coach of Thai national team

As the coach of China national junior team

As the head coach of Sichuan provincial team in China

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