Monday, 22 January 2018


2005 Summer Camp

In the week of July 4th - 8th we had a great fun and a great learning summer camp at St. Robert C.H. School. Following are snapshots from the camp:

All happy campers

Campers are given instructions by Joe Tucci (Camp leader and coach)
and William Wang (Head coach)

Demonstration of exercises for younger players

Professionally and systematically arranged trainings

Coaches at lunch hour

Campers are enjoying the free chosen partner playing time

Video Viewing sessions bring the campers inspiration from world top players

BP test..., campers are willing to challenge themselves

Playing with coaches..., campers acquire more experiences

Trophy of the camp is given to everyone,
a wonderful memory of the camp is the best award for the campers

Fun Time..., share sports, share feelings, share friendship..

See you campers next time !

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