The moment Chibing Wu (China) is receiving the Bronze of Mixed-Doubles in The 8th World Championships in Indonesia 1989.

Chibing Wu, picked by William Wang to Sichuan Provincial Team in 1980, went on China National Team in 1986.

France Team coach came to celebrate Chibing Wu's triumph of capturing the Bronze of the 8th World Championships. William Wang - Chibing's coach at rigtht side.

In 1993, William Wang went to World Championships in Birmingham, England with Swedish national team.

The photo shows William (front 2nd row center) met the Sichuan provincial team born, Chinese national team players he coached before for several years, when he was the head coach in Sichuan provincial team. The left to William is Chen Xingdong and the right to William is Xie Yangchun.

William (left) was with Chen Xingdong at outside of National Arena in Birmingham, England there the 1993 World Championships was holding.

Chen Xingdong (right), the 1996 Olympic Semi-finalist of Mixed Doubles. William piked him into Sichuan Provincial Team in 1984 and coached him becoming national junior champion in Singles in 1986. When William left Sichuan for Tai national team coach in 1990, he went on Chinese national team. After 1996 Olympic he became a coach of Chinese national team. Now, he is the chief coach in charge of Men's Doubles and Mixed-Doubles Group of Chinese national team.

William Wang (left 2nd) met Sichuan provincial team born Chinese national team players and coach in 1992 Swedish Open. They are the player Chen Xingdong (left first), the player Liu Yuhong (left 3rd) and the coach Ling Yue (right first).

The newly started Sichuan provincial team head coach - William Wang (Front right first) was with his men's team in the late 1980.

Wu Chibing (Front row left first, one who half crouching), the first photo above shows he was receiving Bronze from 1989 World Championships, was just new comer in the Sichuan provincial team by that time.

Zhong Bo (one who right behind Wu Chibing) is current the chief coach of Chinese national team in charge of Men's Singles Group.

Welcome Chinese national team coach Lin Shiquan (right 5th) to Sichuan provincial team as a guest coach to help in the team training for a half-year, in 1980.

William Wang (left) was with Lin Shiquan